House Info


Location: Wilmot, NH

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Square Feet of Living Space: 1650

Builder: Scott McCullough & Jessica Cook

Architect/Designer: Scott McCullough & Jessica Cook

Energy Star HERS Rating 44

Air TIghtness: 0.51 ACH @ 50 Pascals


Foundation: 8″ poured concrete walls, w/ Thermomass foundation insulation.  2″ (R-10) XPS on north, west and east sides; 4″ XPS (R-20) on south side where grade drops down.  4″ reinforced concrete slab w/ 4″ under slab recycled XPS (R-20) and 2″ slab edge recycled XPS (R-10).

Frame: Site milled Hemlock timber frame with principal rafters and purlins, mortise and tenon joinery with galvanized steel bolts.


Walls – 1×6 E.W. Pineinterior sheathing, 4-1/2″ recycled polyiso rigid insulation w/ ZipSystem R-Sheathing (1″ polyiso).  2×3 24″ o.c. integrated frame for nailing.  Total R-Value – 33.

Roof – 1×6 E.W. Pine interior sheathing, 6-1/2″ recycled polyiso rigid insulation w/ ZipSystem R-Sheathing (1″ polyiso).  2×3 24″ o.c. integrated frame for nailing.  Total R-Value – 45.

Windows and Doors: Loewen triple pane ‘Heat Smart T’, UV: 0.21 SHGC 0.44; Loewen double pane Cardinal 180 (Doors and Central south facing windows) UV: 0.29 SHGC 0.69


Primary Space Heating: Sopka Magnum Wood Burning Cook Stove

Secondary Space Heating Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating: Electro Boiler EB-MA-15 15,000 Btu.  Basement water distributed through 1/2″ tubing in 4″ concrete slab.  1st Floor distributed through 1/2″ tubing in 1-1/2″ thick concrete slab.

Domestic Hot Water: Rheem Marathon 50 Gallon, MR50245, with Nyle Geyser-R Heat Pump add-on

Solar: 4.2 kW Photovoltaic System, 14 Helios Panels,

No Air Conditioning


Zehnder Comfoair 350 HRV

No VOC interior stain, no carpet.


Site harvested and milled hemlock for: timber frame, exterior siding, stair treads, some interior framing.

Locally harvested Eastern White Pine for interior wall finishes and interior doors.

Locally harvested rock maple Kitchen island.

Dual Flush toilets.

LED lighting



  1. This home is SPECTACULAR!! We just heard about the Upper Valley homes that are on the Green Building tour… and we’re involved in building our own as we type this. We would absolutely love to chat with you two, since your sensibilities seem to be so very similar to ours, and the systems you’ve chosen are, too. We are particularly curious about the specifics of your solar PV array and installation details and (maybe the most pressing) about how you found the credits for the state and feds. We’re in VT (Norwich) so that may be the major difference, but… it would still be fun for us to compare notes. Your kitchen ceiling has given us the perfect solution to how to deal with the truss system we have in the rest of our downstairs. The ripped 1x stock makes the kitchen seem functional and warm and inviting. Anyway, congratulations on this spectacular place. Maybe we could come by at some convenient time NOT on the house tour, possibly? Thanks for the fabulous information and photos, too! –Kelley & Fred

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