Welcome to our blog.  We are both architectural designers living in central New Hampshire.  This blog is primarily about our goal to design and build a house of our own in Wilmot.  There are many other blogs about similar experiences, this one though I think you will find to have its’ own uniqueness.

Several posts within the blog describe in detail the design goals and details that are a part of this project.

Following is a list of current construction drawings that Jess and I have completed so far.  I’ll do my best to keep them up to date:











  1. I like your very cool blog guys-


  2. Your project looks so great, congrats. Thanks for posting your drawings – It’s so great to see a contemporary approach with such a traditional form. Keep up the posts!

  3. How do you like your Sopka wood stove? I was looking for an esse cook wood stove, but seems that there are no retailers here in NH. Awesome place! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks. We would have loved to get the Esse, but we opted to save the money and go with the Sopka. But we are very happy with the it. It’s sturdy and we use the cookbook and oven regularly. I believe the Esse dealer is located in Idaho. I found him on YouTube demonstrating the Ironheart.

  4. Scott,

    My name is Brad Hardie….I am nearing the end (although changes & improvements seem to keep happening) of the design and spec phase of a deep energy retrofit here in Andover, NH – Right near Proctor Academy. I would love to talk to you about your project and maybe get some advice for mine if you would be willing.

    Let me know if you would entertain the idea….

    Thanks for a great blog!

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