Posted by: Scott McCullough | April 6, 2015

We’re in Dwell !

We never thought this would happen, but we are published in the current special issue of Dwell, entitled ‘Your Rooms We Love’!  We’re still waiting for the printed copy in the mail, but I was able to find an online edition.

This was an online request for submissions that we learned about back in January.  Although we thought it was a long shot we figured if we didn’t get chosen at least we would have some nice photos of the house that we could use for other things.  We took the photos ourselves over the course of a weekend and submitted them along with descriptions of the house.

Here’s the link to the entire issue:

Dwell Cover small

Dwell TOC

Projects in the publication are from all over the world, so it is nice to see our little town of Wilmot, New Hampshire recognized.

Dwell 1-2 small

Dwell 3-4 small


  1. I love your house, I especially love the simplicity of the design and of course, the emphasis on stewardship and sustainability…I came across it looking for home inspiration, my husband and I are looking to design and have an efficient home built in the next year. As a Realtor & permaculturalist – I’m forever frustrated with the lack of energy efficient homes in NH… so great to see your home designed with such care and thought for the natural world! Also, congrats on the Dwell feature! Ryan Hvizda

    • Thanks very much! I hope your build goes well.

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