Posted by: Scott McCullough | November 26, 2014

Tractor Woodshed

Our fall project was to build the tractor/woodshed on the north side of the house.  This would be a huge improvement over the black membrane covering that I have over the tractor now, and the lumber tarps that we have covering our woodpiles.  Especially during the dead of winter when we have to dig through the snow to fetch wood.

The design was a timber frame structure with a shed roof that sat close to the house to divert snow and rain runoff.  The front portion would cover the tractor and the back and lower portion would have cord wood.  It would allow for easy covered access to our wood door where we hand our wood through into the Living Room.


We installed the foundation piers during the summer when we did our deck piers.  Most of the materials for the frame we gathered from what we had leftover from the timber frame for the house.  Fortunately we have a hemlock timber frame (not pine), which would work well for an outdoor structure.  The ground is covered with stone over filter fabric to avoid a muddy mess.


We cut and assembled each frame on the ground, then partially disassembled them to tip up each portion of frame.


We had to purchase the 2×10 roof rafters from a local sawmill.  They were green and very heavy, but Jess and I managed to get them all in place.  You may be able to see the hurricane clips and mid-span block that stabilize the rafters.




The biggest expense for this project was the clear polycarbonate roofing, even though it’s much less expensive then any alternative.  We strapped the roof with 1x hemlock.

IMG_7627 rotated





There’s still some cross bracing to add which will stiffen up the frame, also this winter we may be able to get some siding on the reduce snow blowing in.  Not to mention all the cord wood we have left to haul in there.


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