Posted by: Scott McCullough | October 7, 2014

Deck Nearly Done

Minus a few items like a handrail, base trim on the house, and some grading and stonework, we’re basically done with the deck.

It took several weeks to install the Garapa decking since because we used hidden biscuit fasteners.  We did the same type of install on the front porch, but with such a large area for the deck it took a very long time to get it all finished.  Not to mention working with the angle of the deck off of the house.  On the north edge of the deck we set some stones to step off onto which will need some adjusting on one end.  The lower step extends out as a bench to the corner.



With the amount of afternoon sun the space gets we plan on installing a sunshade that will cover a portion of deck.

IMG_7595 fixed

The trusses left large openings to fall through.  We looked at several different metal wire options and settled on this 2″ x 4″ galvanized wire fencing.  It came in a 36″ roll so it worked well to roll it out and screw it to the frame.  After we get the handrail attached the end opening by the Living Room door will have something to cover the top of the wire.




Off of the northeast corner of the house we built a fire pit area, with boulder seating.  We still need to get sand, mulch and stone to cover and stabilize the dirt.  I’ll post better pictures of all that when it’s done.


Next big project is the wood/tractor shed.  I’m hoping it won’t take nearly as long to build as the deck did, especially as snowfall isn’t too far away.  In the meantime I’ll work on a post for the Nyle heat pump water heater that we purchased and installed.


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