Posted by: Scott McCullough | September 19, 2013

Front Door Saga

I described in a previous post the construction of the insulated hemlock board door.  We really liked how it turned out, but unfortunately the western sun got the better of it.  In the spring we noticed some small cracks appearing that we thought were normal, but into May the cracks became caverns.  And soon the hot sun managed to completely buckle the door to the point where it wouldn’t even close.




Though it would have been nice to have a front door made from our harvested Hemlock, it wasn’t meant to be.  We needed to use lumber that was stable enough to withstand outdoor conditions.

With much of the rest of the carpentry in the house made of plywood, it made sense to build the front door from plywood as well.  We ordered a marine grade plywood for the exterior, and a vertical grain fir for the interior.  The construction was the same as the Hemlock door, with a layer of 1″ insulation between the plywood.



Seeing it now I actually prefer the new door to the old, as it goes well with other details in the house that are more modern, including the door handle itself.

To add to the story the door handle broke several weeks ago.  It seemingly for no reason stopped engaging the drop bolt and became a large handle with no lock.  The manufacturer Rockwood surprisingly offered a free replacement as the problem is a defect that has occured in other installations.  Within a week we had the new handle installed which functions perfectly.

With the front of the house now stained a dark grey, we stained the door to match.  The clear stained Meranti screen door provides a contrast.



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