Posted by: Scott McCullough | June 11, 2013

Master Bedroom & Bath

It’s tough to share pictures of seemingly finished rooms when I know there are a bunch of things that still need to be done. Most of those things aren’t really noticeable, so I figured I would post Master Bedroom and Bathroom since those spaces are very close to being completely finished.

These pictures were taken at night to help show the lighting.  The Master Bathroom felt very different after having the shower glass installed.



We used LeGrand’s Adorne light switches and outlets in a few different parts of the house.  The covers are larger but they have a more streamlined look than the typical cover plates.  The black circle on the right is a ‘Wave’ switch.  It’s basically a motion sensor with a range of about an inch, so you motion like your turning a switch and the light comes on.

The square panel in the upper left of the photo is one of the ventilation system controls.  It runs on a battery and sends radio signals back to the main controller, so it can be moved easily without messing with wires.



We found the tub on Craigslist for $100.  All it needed was a coat of paint on the outside.  This is in our bedroom underneath the large awning window.


The wall sconces aren’t this bright in reality.  And these are temporary CFL bulbs, which we will replace with LED bulbs.  We intended to put Switch bulbs here, but the ones we ordered are extremely bright.  Bright enough that it’s painful to look at the light source.  They make a frosted bulb that we might try at a lower wattage.


This is the Artemide Tolomeo swing arm over our bed.  The bulb is a Philips 8W LED soft white, which is equivalent to a 40 watt.


This is the pendant light in the Guest Bedroom that Jess found on Etsy.  It was a little difficult to photograph, but these shots seem to represent it pretty accurately.  Originally we planned on a sconce with an armature to be mounted to the wall that you can’t see in these photos.  After we found this light we had to think of a way to get the pendant to hang out off of the wall.  So we anchored a stainless cable to the wall above the window and looped it back to the pendant cord.




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