Posted by: Scott McCullough | March 9, 2013

Spinning Backwards

After some delay our solar installers were able to complete the photo-voltaic panel installation this week.  Before the work started our installers HB Plumbing and Heating came out and gave us an idea of which trees we had to remove to get the best solar exposure on the roof.  We scheduled our logger to come in quickly and remove what was needed.  They dropped off the panels and other equipment late last week and got started setting up scaffolding the beginning of this week.



We will have 14 Helios panels for 4.2 kW.  A separate meter was installed at the remote pedestal through an empty underground conduit that runs out from the mechanical room.  HB gave them selves a deadline of Friday at 2:00 to have the system complete, when a representative from New Hampshire Electric Coop would come by and confirm our qualification for a rebate.



It isn’t easy to see the panels from the ground, though with the trees taken down, it’s easier now to walk down the hill and look back up at the house.


It was a little painful to see the trees down, but it is necessary to get optimal production from the panels.  We’ll plant some apple trees and blueberry bushes among other things now that we have ample sunlight.


So our electric meter is now officially ‘spinning backwards’, at least for now when we’re not using much electricity.  It’ll be interesting to see how well we do with our usage when we move in and if we use less than we produce.



  1. Hey Scott & Jess,

    Huge difference with the trees gone. Gained so much more exposure. Makes the house stand out too. Looks great!

    Sent from my iPad

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