Posted by: Scott McCullough | March 7, 2013


We were finally able to get rid of the metal walk plank that we’ve been using as a catwalk for the last few months.  With the steel beam in place and the stairs done, we figured it was about time to get the catwalk built.  The framing was assembled at the same time as the guardrail.  Each piece of the catwalk floor interlocks with each vertical piece of the guardrail.  We used 1 3/4″ thick by 2 1/2″ wide spruce for the floor and 5/4 pine for the guardrail, all stained white.  The framing is spaced apart by the vertical pine.





The finish floor is made of hemlock boards that we planed down to 3/4″ thickness which will flush out with the bedroom floors.  We spaced these boards apart to add some interest.


We glues and screwed the boards down, which meant we would either see exposed screw heads, or we could bury them and cover the heads with bungs.  We thought the bungs would work out better, which I’ll add later when we’re ready to sand and finish.




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