Posted by: Scott McCullough | February 4, 2013

Catwalk Steel, Some Electrical

Last weekend we installed the piece of channel steel that will support one side of the catwalk that runs between the bedrooms.  It was dropped off to us as a 20′ length that we needed to cut down to 17′-8″ +/- and we also needed to fabricate plates on each end to bolt into the 8×12 hemlock beam.  We cut the plates from the web of the extra steel, drilled holes for the bolts, and welded them onto each end of the steel beam.



It took a few of us to heft the steel into place.  The fit was tight so it took some encouragement with a 6×6 to get into the exact location.



Electrical work is making progress.  The first floor bathroom is roughed in, and many of the outlet and switch locations in the Living Room and Kitchen are run.  Our electrician is running the metal conduit first, then he’ll go back and pull wire to each box.  This photo shows the conduit coming up from the basement through a hemlock trim piece that the concrete will pour up against.


Our busy life got a bit busier with the addition of our furry dog that we named Piney:




  1. Hey Scott & Jess,

    Great job getting that catwalk in place. Congrats on the new addition too. Is Piney a labradoodle?


    Sent from my iPad

  2. He’s an Australian Shepard mix. We’re not sure with what though.

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