Posted by: Scott McCullough | January 22, 2013


Last week the interior door and window trim finished up.  All of the interior partitions are framed and ready for electrical and plumbing rough ins.

The first two photos are of the two guest bedrooms.  Each bedroom has a loft over the ceiling of the opposite bedroom.



The Master Bedroom closet will be built in the opening seen here and overhang the Living Room by two feet.  The space above the closet and Master Bathroom is a loft for storage.


Jess layed out the cabinetry and appliances in the Kitchen to help the electrician and plumber to locate their rough ins.


Until a few months ago we were planning on buying an Esse Ironheart woodstove for the Living Room.  It cost more than we would have liked to spend so we’ve been searching for and found a possible alternative.  A company in Slovenia called Sopka makes a cookstove called the Magnum.  It has the same basic functions as the Ironheart including the oven and cooktop and a similar look.  It does not have any type of built in boiler, but I suspect it can be retrofitted with a hot water coil as many older stoves can be.  I believe in the mantra ‘you get what you pay for’, so with this being half the cost of an Esse, I’m sure this is of lesser quality construction.  But it seems like it will work for what we need, and I think it will last.


We’ve had the front door in now for a few weeks, but only last week we selected the door hardware.  The goal was to have the front door hardware be different than the rest of the lever handles in the house.  We were interested in doing something other the standard knob, lever, or thumb latch.  Initially we didn’t think that a locking pull would work, but after looking at some different products we decided that it could.  These styles of pulls lock with a bolt that drops into the floor, similar to an old fashioned cremone bolt.  This one from Rockwood has a keyed cylinder with a thumbturn with the 4′ long bar pull.  And the price wasn’t outrageous.


This type of hardware needs a separate door catch, so we’ll get a roller latch to hold the door in place.  We’ll do a similar setup for other interior doors in the house.


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