Posted by: Scott McCullough | January 1, 2013

Exterior Update

We made some progress on our front door this weekend.  It’s the last exterior opening keeping the house from being airtight and we’re not too far now from that being installed.

The door slab has hemlock boards on the interior and exterior with a 1″ layer of insulation in between.  The jamb is also made from hemlock, with two steps to allow for two layers of weather sealing.


Instead of traditional butt hinges, we decided to go with invisible hinges from Soss.  It’s  a more modern detail, and we plan on using the same hinges on at least one other door in the house.  The hinge installation takes more time compared to butt hinges as each hinge has two separate routes into both the door and the jamb.  The door is about 8′ tall and 3′ wide and is fairly heavy so we’re using 5 hinges.




The jamb has been installed and the door installed to make sure that it fits.  After a couple coats of varnish, and with the weatherstripping installed it can be hung permanently.  With progress made on the front door install we were able to get the siding completed on the front of the house.  The hemlock siding on the interior of the porch we will stain a dark grey when the weather warms up in the spring.


With the exception of the front door all the window and door air sealing is completed.  We used foam sealing as a first step around the window and door perimeters, but then added a rubber gasket that sits close to the interior face of the unit.


At some window edges it’s difficult to get a thorough seal with spray foam.  We purchased 2 sizes of rubber gasket to fit different gaps, and the rubber can be cut for really tight spaces.  The material folds into the gaps with a putty knife.


A few of the windows have been trimmed out with the 5/4 pine which we will stain to match the walls.


With the roof and siding done, the exterior is mostly completed.




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