Posted by: Scott McCullough | December 20, 2012

Siding and Roofing Nearly Done

Although the weather has been a pain, the siding work moved along the past couple weeks. And with the porch frame up we got the roofers on site yesterday.

Mead and Braley setup to install the standing seam galvalume roof, which they would have done in only 2 days.  We stopped by yesterday shortly after they got started when they had most of one side of the roof done.  The material comes on rolls, and is prepped in their mobile workshop before going up on the roof.


We chose the mill finish, which resembles raw aluminum and has a higher reflectance value to help keep the heat out in the summer.


The 1 1/2″ dripedge matches up with the fascia height and the rake on the front of the house.




The siding on the front of the house will be stained a darker color to offset it from the rest of the house.



If we’re lucky the photo-voltaic panels will be installed next week or the following and we can start feeding power back to the grid.


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