Posted by: Scott McCullough | December 2, 2012

Exterior Siding

We have a good portion of the exterior siding completed, basically the north facing wall which has fewer windows than the other sides of the house.  It’s a reverse board and batten where the smaller vertical pieces of wood battens are installed against the sheathing, the boards overlap onto the battens with a 1 1/2″ reveal between each.  The boards are random widths, 6″, 8″ or 10″


All the siding is rough sawn hemlock that we had milled from our site, leftover from milling the timber frame.


The siding finishes tight around the windows and doors, with no visible exterior casing.  In actuality the batten layer forms a window casing around the window.  The board layer then overlaps onto the battens and the clad window which disguises the casing and provides another layer of protection from water infiltration.

It took quite a bit of time to get this far.  The coursing has to align with the edges of the windows, so many of the boards are ripped to width.  Not to mention all of the ripping to get  our hemlock down to the 3 1/2″ batten width.



If you look carefully you can see a piece of horizontal metal flashing covering the small wood door that we will use for cord wood.

We bought a new old tractor which we now have at the site doing odd jobs.  This winter with a plow attachment she’ll be keeping our lengthy driveway clear of snow.




  1. Hello from ontario. Love your house. was wondering what finish you used on the hemlock if any. thanks for your inspirations

    • Thank you. There is currently no finish on the Hemlock siding. Though in the future we may add a clear finish.

  2. I really like the detail that you put into your siding, and was hoping to steal some aspects of your design. Did you install horizontal strapping behind the siding for a air gap? Do you have a detail on how you finished the windows in your wall cavity that you might share?

    • Kail, thanks for the comment/questions. We did not install horizontal strapping behind our siding. It’s a bit of a gamble, but with the reverse board and batten the majority of the siding is held off of the sheathing by the thin battens. It’s only the 2 1/2″ wide battens that sit up against the sheathing, the wide boards are nailed onto the battens. I’m not sure what you mean about the windows. Are you asking about how we did the rough opening flashing?

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