Posted by: Scott McCullough | November 6, 2012

Septic and Roof Work

Despite the storm our septic system was completed last week. The rain didn’t cause any damage and our installer got the sign off from the state and back filled the system.

Saturday we installed the last two porch piers and framed the porch deck.

For the past week we’ve been staining the roof trim in order to get ready for strapping and trimming the roof.  All the trim material is 2x hemlock that we had sawn along with the timber frame stock.  After we applied two coats of bleaching oil to the trim it was ready to go on the roof.

We double strapped the roof and integrated the eave overhang into the assembly.  The rafter tails are 1 1/2″ x 2″ hemlock.  We’ll tie them together with a fascia board of the same dimension.  The last horizontal row of strapping that is painted black has a piece of Cora-Vent underneath it to allow for venting under the metal roof.

We only have a small portion of the roof strapping done so far.  But it’s a good start, this coming weekend we may be able to complete the rest of the roof and get ready to frame the front porch roof.



  1. Thanks for sharing your project detail! We also used Loewen windows and are very happy with them. Our project was a log cabin in Colorado. Quick question: Could you provide some dimensions for the building? Width/Length/Eve-height/ridge-height? Thanks again!!! Corey..

    • Corey, the house is 20′ wide by 54′ long, to outside of exterior sheathing. The eave height is approx. 16′ above the floor, and the ridge is an additional 10′ above that. Thanks for checking out our blog.

  2. Excellent! Thanks. I was close in estimating by the 4x sheathing. I’m developing a simple/classic design along the shape of your building envelope. Been looking at lots of white & stone NewEngland barns. Our restrictions are 18′ max wall height and 34′ overall from average grade. Go figure. You’ll love the Loewen windows. Thx again – will keep an eye on it…

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