Posted by: Scott McCullough | October 28, 2012

Windows and Doors Installed

Sunday morning we had plenty of help to get the large windows in.  The window in the Master Bedroom was the most challenging since it’s a triple pane 6′-10″ wide by 7′ 10″ tall.  We weren’t sure if the pump jacks would be able to lift the weight.

We rigged up two ropes for the crew on the inside to use to help lift as we pumped up.

The final lift into place went smoothly and we screwed the flanges into place.

Thankfully the largest window was installed, followed by the second largest directly below it.

The only openings left to do are one door in the basement which hasn’t been delivered yet, the front door which we will make ourselves, and our cord wood door on the north side which we will also make ourselves.

Before all this and just after sunrise we got 4 of our front porch piers excavated for and put into place.

While all this has been going on the past week or so, the septic system has been completed.  We are now awaiting inspection early this week so that it can be backfilled.

Now we wait for Sandy and her massive amounts of rain to arrive on Monday/Tuesday.  Hopefully our house will stay dry and our septic field will not take any damage.



  1. Have you had any problems with the OSB warping/buckling between the studs? In homes I’ve seen where the OSB panels are installed vertically (as they are in your front/back walls) the sheathing warps as the wood equalizes to the moisture level of the environment. Most builders space the panels to allow for expansion, but when they are nailed around their perimeter in vertical orientation, that expansion can’t happen. Have you noticed any movement?

    • Matt, thanks for the inquiry. I have not seen any evidence of any buckling, warping, or movement. Though I would think that I may only see that if I were to remove some of the vertical siding. I suppose I don’t understand how the nailing pattern on a horizontal installation would be different and allow for expansion than in a vertical installation.

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