Posted by: Scott McCullough | October 25, 2012

Windows Delivered and Going In

It’s been a long time between blog posts. Partly because the several weeks of repetitive work putting the walls together wouldn’t make for interesting reading.  That phase of the work is done just in time for the window and door delivery on Monday.

I don’t think we were entirely prepared for the size of windows we had coming.  Fortunately we had enough help to get the windows off of the truck including the largest one.  But getting the 8′ x 7′ triple pane window up to the opening on the second floor would be a logistical challenge.  We decided to start with the smaller units that Jess and I could install ourselves, and get the help we needed to get the medium sized and larger units installed.

The lull came in handy again for installing any of the windows that it could reach.

Our rough opening sills are sloped so we had to install sloped shims that we made sure were level before inserting the window.

It took about an hour to install each window, by the end of Tuesday we had 12 windows done.

Most of the units are triple pane ‘Heat Smart T’ with a U Value of 0.13 and SHGC of 0.44.  For the center portion of glass facing south we used Cardinal 180 glass, U Value 0.21, SHGC 0.59.

Wednesday we started installing the medium sized windows on the south side.  We used the pump jacks to lift each unit up into place.



  1. Way cool Scott & Jess. That wall of windows is awesome! Can already see part of the view you’ll have with the leaves dropping. Hope to be up to see the progress again real soon.

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