Posted by: Scott McCullough | September 4, 2012

Laborious Labor Day

The past couple weekends we have been working on getting the walls insulated and weatherproofed.  With the pine sheathing on we locate and hang the plywood window boxes and insulate around them.  The first layer of 2″ insulation is adhered to the pine, the second is adhered to the first layer between 2×3 framing 24″ on center.  The Zip System product we chose is R-Sheathing, which is the typical green Zip plywood with 1″ polyiso insulation attached to it.  As with the roof we’re using Wind-Lock Foam to Foam to adhere each layer and fill gaps.

We ran the plywood on the walls vertically to minimize horizontal seams.

When the rain came on Tuesday we did some indoor work.  We managed to get the 2×6 tongue and groove spruce installed on the west side of the second floor.

The photos so far have been deceiving, there is still plenty of work to do on the south and east sides.



  1. Great Project! I have been following this all along, I’ve gotten many ideas of my own from your experiences. Thank you for sharing.

    How did you choose or settle on using the R-sheathing on the roof? I know Huber Eng. currently does not recommend using it for roof applications, but I do see the advantage in doing so. I am currently sheathing my new home with the R-sheathing, but will likely not use it on the roof.

    • Dave, thanks for following along. I was not aware that Huber did not recommend the R-Sheathing on the roof. I was under the impression that the only difference between green and brown board was the thickness and span rating. And since we had a continuous substrate it was an issue for us. But we have not had any issue with the sheathing on the roof, though we are looking forward to having our metal roof over it.

      • The continuous substrate should help support the foam. I believe they only have a 20psi rating on the insulation, that is why they don’t recommned them on the rafters. With a decent pitch and metal roofing you should be fine though. Keep up the good work!

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