Posted by: Scott McCullough | August 12, 2012

Roof and Other Updates

I haven’t posted in a few weeks. Mostly because I was hoping we would be able to complete the roof assembly before I did.  But even though the roof isn’t completely finished, there has been enough happening to share in a post.

We finished the timber frame.  One day included hefting purlins into place by hand.  Another was renting a crane again to get the last pair of rafters into place.  And another couple days getting the six 4×4’s into place at the top of the posts.

We power washed the frame, using our homemade mobile power washing trailer.

We had our well installed and trenched to the house.  It ended up costing far more than expected to get to to 5-8 gallons per minute.  But we now have water at the house.

On July 28th we started putting the roof together.  The plan was to install the vertical tongue and groove boards, followed by 2 layers of 2 inch insulation, then a layer of 2 1/2″ insulation and 2×3 framing, and the last layer of Advantech R-Sheathing.  Total roof R value of 47.  It sounds pretty simple, but turns out it’s quite a bit of work.

We also started installing the pine wall boards.  These will all get covered on the outside by the insulation, sheathing and siding.

Next weekend we will finish the roof for sure.  Then we can focus on getting the walls insulated and sheathed.  At the beginning of this week our window order will be completed, starting the 6 week countdown for delivery.



  1. Looks great guys….lots of progress in the short time since we were there.

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