Posted by: Scott McCullough | June 21, 2012

Timber Going Up

This past Monday was a big day. The crew got the first three lower portions of the frame erected.  We rented a boom truck from RP Williams for a few hours.  Our lull couldn’t quite get in at the right angle to do the job so we had the boom pickup the three pieces furthest to the east side of the house.  The lull can get the fourth one from the front of the house.

By the middle of the week the fourth piece had been put up as well as most of the floor joists.

This week and next the crew will put in the last girts, floor joists, and start cutting in and attaching the braces.  The rafters need to be drilled out for the steel rod and turnbuckle, and welded to plates on the outside of the rafters.  After all that is done we can rent a crane to help install the 4 pairs of rafters.



  1. I check this weekly and tell everyone we know about it. The progress is absolutely amazing.

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