Posted by: Scott McCullough | June 10, 2012

More Timber Frame Progress

The weather hasn’t been very cooperative, but there have been enough sunny days in the past few weeks to get enough work done to be about ready for some of the timbers to be erected.

Three of the lower portions of bents have been assembled and will be tilted up next week.

We’re cheating a bit by using metal bolts and gussets, but it’s saving us time and money.  Other than the collarties and the edge of the steel kerf plate you see below, none of it will be visible.  The bolt heads will be plugged, and the gussets get covered by the pine sheathing.  The steel collarties haven’t been assembled yet.

This joint above where the beam holding the second floor joists intersects the post and perimeter girts had proved to be the weakest one in the frame.  Adding the steel plate increased the strength dramatically.

The steel pipe holds the base of the posts in place.  Steel gussets will be fastened to the exterior of the posts, and anchored to the first floor framing.

One of our posts had a minor mishap.  Hemlock moves as it dries out, this post had a large check that  had to get bolted back together.  The bolt heads were plugged with tree branches to resemble knots.

Tuesday is when these pieces will be lifted up into place, as long as the weather cooperates.


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