Posted by: Scott McCullough | May 31, 2012

Timber Framing Progress

A few weeks have gone by and a good amount of work has been done on the timber frame.  The site is looking like a working construction site again, and we’re not long away from erection of the timber frame.

A stack of 6×8 floor joists.

6×8 Roof purlins.

An 8×10 tapered corner post.

All of the pieces of the timber frame have been prepared with the exception of four posts and one or two rafters.

All of the bolts and pegs are on site as well as the steel for hidden gusset plates and the collartie material.  We modified our trickiest joint in four locations where two girts and a beam meet up at a post.  A steel kerf plate 12″ x 16″ x 1/2″ will be used for a stronger connection.  I’ll include a better description and a picture of that after it’s prepped.

Depending on the weather, by the end of this week there may be some posts in place.  Because of some of the joinery the raising of the frame will be piece by piece and will probably take a couple of weeks.  Our lull can be used to assemble most of the frame.  But because of the terrain around the house in order to set rafters we will have to rent a crane for 1/2 day.

Jess and I built the first interior wall which separates the Mechanical Room from the rest of the basement.  It is built from 2×8 to give some more room for the ductwork, plumbing and wiring that will be run to the first and second floors.

At some point in the spring a robin moved into our basement and started a family.  They’ve been a little messy, but otherwise not much of a nuisance.  I hope they get healthy soon and move out.


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