Posted by: Scott McCullough | May 8, 2012


On Sunday we began staining the Eastern White Pine that will wrap the timber frame. Turns out this task will be a marathon, not a sprint.

Last weekend we quickly constructed a drying rack in the barn.  Although it’s a little cluttered, it should be a good space to spend countless hours staining.  And when the weather cooperates we can stain outside too.  Friday the first half of our pine was delivered to us from Durgin & Crowell.

I mentioned in a much earlier post that we are using a white stain on the interior pine.  This will help to separate the tone of the hemlock frame from the pine.  The pine walls will stay bright over time, as opposed to darkening over time as with some other finishes.  We went with the white finish from Rubio Monocoat.  It’s an oil based finish and as the name implies, goes on in one coat.  And even though it is a natural oil finish it is very durable, and can be used on floors.

One odd thing is that the largest can they have is 1 liter.

The manufacturer recommends applying the stain, waiting ten minutes, and wiping off the excess with a cotton rag.  The white finish is pretty subtle and it kind of difficult to appreciate without seeing it in person.  This is a very expensive stain, so we are being very cautious of creating any waste.  I found that it takes me between ten and fifteen minutes to apply stain to four boards averaging fourteen feet in length.  It takes Jess another ten minutes to wipe the stain and store the boards.

It didn’t look like we had accomplished a whole lot after our four hours of work, getting through only one liter of stain and almost filling our drying rack.  In our next stain session we’ll change the process a bit to speed things up.  It would be nice to get through a liter in three hours, as we can do that each evening after we get home from work.

We have at least a couple of weeks to finish staining everything.  I’ll follow up soon with a post updating progress on the timber framing.


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