Posted by: Scott McCullough | April 24, 2012

In the Trenches

For the last couple weeks we have been coordinating the installation of our electrical service.  The first phase was for our local utility, New Hampshire Electric Cooperative, to install two utility poles.  One at the road, and one on our property almost 300 feet across a wetland area.  That work was completed late last week, making us ready to start phase two where we would install the underground line from the pole to a pedestal about 250 feet away, and then to the house another 90 feet.

This stretch of forest changed dramatically for the pole installation.  It’s not a pretty site, but necessary to get electricity to the house.  In a few years the forest will start to grow back in and hopefully look somewhat natural.

The utility requires a 36″ deep trench.  It ran straight with a couple slight turns to avoid the driveway.

Here’s the start of the trench with a layer of sand at the bottom.

Conduit laid out with polypropylene rope ready to be glued up and put in the trench.  There are two ways to do this; we decided to pull the rope as we went, but some people pull a string through with a shop vac after all of the conduit is in the trench.

The tractor came in handy for getting the sand into the trench.  Although the brakes don’t really work, so downhill riding is tricky.

Sort of looks like chain gang work.  At this point in the middle of the afternoon on Saturday the trench had been dug all the way to the pedestal location- it was about 80 degrees in April- one of those days.

Day two was to trench from the pedestal to the house.  Since it was a much shorter distance it was a little over a half days work.

After Sunday we had all the conduit buried and ready for our electrician to come in and hook up a temporary panel in the basement of the house, and install the meter socket on the pedestal.  That all happened today, making the assembly ready for Co-op to come and pull their wire completing the installation.  So by the end of the week we will have electricity at the house.



  1. This level of completion is so exciting. You are really on your way!

  2. looks like tough work – too bad I’m too far away to help. very exciting!

  3. Such a project! I’m very impressed with the trenching you guys have done.

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