Posted by: Scott McCullough | March 10, 2012

Sawing Logs

This week Wayne got started sawing our logs.  After the driveway was plowed out this weekend the logs were accessible again and ready for the sawmill.  The first pieces to be cut were the smallest logs to be used for cribbing.

Once the log is onto the mill, everything else is controlled with hydraulics.

Our first timber!  The tolerances on the sawmill are pretty impressive.  It’s a 2004 Woodmeiser with a digital display for the dimension being cut.

The larger timbers that we couldn’t move last week were dragged up to the mill with a tractor.

By Thursday afternoon a small pile of finished timbers had been accumulated.  Some of the pieces Wayne commented as being the cleanest hemlock he’s ever cut.

And so far a good pile of slabs and 1″ stock leftover, which we plan on using for siding.

I anticipate that it will take at least another week for the rest of the timber to be sawn.  I just hope we catch a break with the weather so that the site can dry up.


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