Posted by: Scott McCullough | February 27, 2012

Moving Logs

On Sunday Jess’s uncle was generous enough to help us move our logs from near the road up the driveway to the house site.  His trailer has a cherry picker that is rugged enough to get all but the largest sized logs.  Pine would have been a different story, but hemlock is heavy.

Most of the logs were frozen solid to each other and to the ground.  The problem was solved with an ’88 Chevy and about 25′ of chain.

It took about 5 hours, but by the end we had about one half of the logs moved up to the house where they would be cut.  This should be enough to keep Wayne (our sawyer) busy for at least a few days.  He will start cutting by the middle of this week.  Looks like we will be renting a loader to move the remaining logs up the driveway, which actually works out as we can also use the loader during the milling process to move timbers around.



  1. I think Sawyer would be a great name for your offspring.

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