Posted by: Scott McCullough | November 1, 2011

Lost Cities Concert

Sunday night The Pixies made their debut in New Hampshire at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, as part of their ‘Doolittle Lost Cities’ tour.  I was invited a few months ago by a friend to join in on the ticket purchasing frenzy, which I am glad I did, since they sold out in a matter of minutes.  The show was a performance of their second full length album Doolittle in its entirety, as well as a number of B sides including Bailey’s Walk, Manta Ray, Into the White, and a few songs from other albums, Velouria, Gigantic, Where is my Mind.

We were sitting in the back, but the ballroom is small enough that we had a great view.  They made two lengthy encores, almost seemed like they didn’t want to stop playing.  This was the fourth time I had seen Frank Black, aka Black Francis, aka Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV, at a live show.  This was a great way to see them performing one of their best, if not their best album.

Here’s a link to a video that someone else took:


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