Posted by: Scott McCullough | October 24, 2011

Basement Slab Preparation

This weekend we checked off the major items that we needed to complete before our basement slab is poured.

Among the debris we were finishing up installing the slab edge insulation.

Laying down the plastic took longer than we expected, as with most other things.

We purchased a roll of welded wire mesh as well as a few flat pieces.  Had we known how much of a pain this roll would be to work with, we would have gotten all flats.  This thing was determined to stay as a cylinder, we had to spend quite a bit of time and effort to get each cut piece to be flat.

A cut piece off of the roll, ready for battle.

Even after working with the pieces from the roll, they’ll still need some tweaking before the concrete is poured to make it all sits low enough.  Tying the wire down to the metal chairs helped, but in some places the wire is lifting the chairs off of the floor slightly.

The stuff we should have used for the entire slab.

Our tolerances are turning out to be pretty tight for the depth of our slab in relation to where the top of our radiant tubes will be.  A suggestion from a guy at the concrete plant was to install the radiant tubing underneath the wire mesh.  After testing what happens to the tube when under the wire and getting stepped on, we decided that we should install it over the wire.  Also going on top would also make the radiant install much easier.  After we go through and check our heights again we can pour the slab slightly higher if we need to, and make up for the extra height at the door opening.

The radiant tube install went quick.  We just followed the grid and used zip ties for keeping it all in place.

The view is starting to show through the trees again as the leaves drop.


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