Posted by: Scott McCullough | September 18, 2011

Insulation Pickup

Yesterday we went down to Framingham, MA to load up on used rigid insulation, from Insulation Depot,  This ended up being a significant money saver over purchasing new rigid insulation from our local lumberyard.  We were looking for two layers of 2″ rigid xps that would go underneath the basement slab.  Our detail has one layer butting up against the footings, and one going over, with 2″ turning up to insulate the slab edge.  To purchase new material would have cost $2600.  For used insulation we paid $950, plus some cost in going to pick it up which was basically $60 in fuel.  The only catch is that we had to work with whatever insulation they had in stock.  In this case they had 28 sheets of 4’x8’x2″, 29 sheets of 3’x8’x2″, and 22 sheets of 4’x8’x1″ to make up our necessary square footage.  The condition of the material isn’t guaranteed, but we were surprised to find everything in better condition than we expected.  Most of the material could be mistaken for new sheets other than some nail holes.  Some sheets had chunks broken off of them or uneven edges, but nothing that couldn’t be patched in or trimmed.

Everything transported smoothly, and now we have stacks of rigid insulation in our new basement waiting to be laid down.


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