Posted by: Scott McCullough | September 4, 2011

Foundation Work

On Tuesday of this week, the concrete pump truck arrived and quickly poured the foundation walls. Quick enough that we didn’t show up in time to watch the pump truck in action. We missed it by just a few minutes.

The concrete mix was a 4000 psi self consolidating batch, typically used in prefabricated work, which is stronger than typical.  This also allows for a wetter pour which goes easier into the 4″ wythes.

Wednesday the crew came back and stripped their forms.

Thursday evening Jess and I and Jess’s brother, Kolt, mixed up  concrete and troweled on a sloped surface at the top of the footings.  The idea is that the slope will help to keep the water from settling on the footings and working its’ way into the wall.  For future reference, instead of a quikcrete mix, get a mortar based mix.  The larger aggregate in the quikcrete didn’t allow us to get a very smooth surface or a clean edge.  But we still feel that it will help.

Jess and I took the day off on Friday in order to get everything for framing on Saturday.  We started early by breaking off all the form ties and cleaning the area where we would be applying the tar coating.

Tarring the foundation went faster than we expected, about 2 hours altogether.

RP Johnsons (located 5 miles from the site) delivered all of our first floor framing and perimeter drainage materials (see future post) first thing Friday morning.  The man in the photo was controlling the boom arm with a remote control (very cool!);  I didn’t realize this until he had it almost unloaded.

Towards the end of the day I went around the top of the foundation and cut off the rigid insulation that was sticking up.  The concrete pour was 7′-10″, and the insulation was 8′-0″.  Now the wall was ready for sill install tomorrow.

Actually it wasn’t the end of the day.  Jono came by to throw some sand in the basement and spread some gravel around the outside perimeter in preparation for the drainage pipe he’ll be installing tomorrow.  Kolt, Jess, Brian and I spread all the material around as Jono dumped it in, and as daylight faded.


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