Posted by: Scott McCullough | September 4, 2011

First Floor Framing

Saturday was scheduled to be a very busy day.  We had a core group of 5 people working on framing the first floor deck and basement wall, as well as Jono working around all of us installing the perimeter drainage system.  Plus several other friends and family that stopped by to help out.


Our floor joists are by Nordic, 11-7/8″ NI 80 at 16″ on center, spanning about 18′-6″.  The 2×12 sill overhangs the foundation by 2″.  This allows the exterior rigid foam walls to run past the rim board and sit directly on the foundation sill.  The over sized sill also sits inside of the rim board far enough to support the timber frame posts that will be installed next spring.  See the previous post entitled ‘Foundation Planning ‘ to see some section drawings that provide further detail.

What you can’t see in these photos, though I will add one later, is the rubber sill seal that we used underneath the foundation sill plate.  Resource Conservation Technology is a company that distributes a number of products including building products for air sealing.  We installed a rubber gasket that is intended to outperform typical foam sill seals for air sealing:

The basement wall we framed with openings for the doors and windows, this 2×6 load bearing wall sits 3-1/2″ in from the foundation, allowing room for a 2×4 wall of rigid insulation to the exterior.

Framing the stair opening

Solid bearing blocking for the timber posts.

3/4″ Advantech subfloor going down.

Nearly completed subfloor.


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