Posted by: Scott McCullough | August 24, 2011

Foundation Excavation

We were finally able to get everyone lined up and started this weekend with the excavation.  Saturday morning at 7:00 we met Jon on site to review the staked location of the house.  And after a thorough introduction to Jess’s uncle’s laser level and how that all works, we established a benchmark height and got started digging.

Judging by how the driveway work went we were expecting a good amount of rocks that would have to be pulled up, and we were right.  With the exception of the north side, Jono was running into a consistent amount of large rocks especially as he excavated deeper under the south side where the walk out portion of the basement would be.  It made for slow digging, but overall wasn’t a problem.  Luckily we didn’t run into any ledge, and everything came up with some encouragement from the bucket.

Jono expected that the entire excavation would be easy to tackle by the end of the weekend, and we seemed to be ahead of things by the end of Saturday.  The deepest part of the dig on the south side was complete, along with the east and part of the north sides.  The north side had some decent sandy material that could be used later for backfill.

At 1:00 on Sunday our foundation contractor came by to take a look at the progress.  We all wanted to be sure that the hole would be acceptable to begin his formwork when he arrived with all his equipment on Monday.  The only thing that he was concerned about was the amount of material that had been left in the center of the hole between the footing trenches.  His point was that it would be far easier to remove all of that now rather then after the footings were poured.  So within 5 minutes Jono had created a ramp and was down in the hole removing the extra material.

Around 3:00 right when things were wrapping up the sky turned ominous, the thunder and lightning got more intense and within just a few minutes it started to downpour.  Jono continued to move dirt around and since there was no point to standing around in the pouring rain, the rest of us sat in the car to watch.


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