Posted by: Scott McCullough | August 7, 2011

Foundation Planning

In a couple weeks we should be underway with excavation, so Jess and I are making sure that all of our details for the foundation are finalized. As I mentioned in a previous post we are doing a Thermomass foundation insulation system, which is very different from doing a conventional foundation.  This system allows for the rigid insulation to be installed in the middle of the concrete, creating a concrete, rigid, concrete sandwich.

Take a look at our about page for a list of current construction drawings.

On Friday night we reviewed our updated plans with our excavator, Jono, who will be digging the foundation hole, installing the drainage system, and back-filling, among other things.  The details all looked good, we’re scheduling to start digging on August 20th.  Excavating for footing would only take a day or two, so we could go ahead and schedule our foundation contractor to come in on the 22nd.

Jono asked us if we were still planning on using the foundation contractor, Joe, who we had already received a price from.  We were since the price was reasonable and he was interested in doing the Thermomass system, he also lived not far from the site.  It turns out according to Jono that Joe had passed away the previous weekend while camping up north.  Jess and I were shocked.  I had just received a phone message from Joe a week ago, he was letting me know that he could get started on our foundation any time we were ready.  Jess and I wanted to know for sure so we checked online, and it was true, Joe had passed away unexpectedly  in his sleep, he was 58.


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